Customized Study Schedule and the Latest Techniques to Succeed on the Bar Exam
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How iPassBAR Works
iPassBAR helps you work steadily, efficiently, and progressively towards your goal of passing the bar exam.

Our software is designed to create an optimal study schedule that begins 7 weeks before the bar.  However, iPassBAR's flexibility allows you to create your customized study schedule as early as 10 weeks prior to your bar exam, complementing most bar review courses.
A personalized daily bar study schedule is designed specifically to meet your needs. iPassBAR does this by taking into consideration your currently scheduled activities, study time preferences, and peak productivity periods. It has features that will enable you to regenerate your study schedule if your lifestyle or preferences change. As a result, no other product on the market can design a study schedule that mirrors your needs better than iPassBAR.
iPassBAR generates a study schedule that evolves and incorporates different study tools depending upon your proximity to the bar exam. In other words, your study methodology will change as you get closer to the bar exam.
iPassBAR has developed a dynamic approach to help you master the subject areas that will be tested on the bar exam. It begins by building up your stamina and focus so that as you get closer to the exam, you will be able to handle greater volumes of material with ease. Additionally, it integrates variety in its methodology to allow you to “touch” subject areas multiple times.
Finally, iPassBAR enables you to easily track your progress on multiple choice practice tests. Based on the practice test results you input, the program will graph your daily and cumulative performance and make recommendations for future practice tests.
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